With thousands of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, annuities and insurance products to choose from, it's easy to become overwhelmed when creating or adding to a portfolio. The good news? An important landmark study—which has never been disproved—shows that asset allocation, not stock picking is the most important aspect of successful investing.

Here are a few wealth-building ideas from financial experts:

  • Protect what you have with life insurance.

  • Pay off high-interest consumer debt first—it's your best investment.

  • Don't purchase an investment you don't understand.

  • Diversify—put your money in different vehicles that perform well under differing marketing conditions and are subject to different types and degrees of risk.

  • Classify your investments into short-term (money you'll need in less than five years) and long-term, and choose appropriate investment vehicles for each investment timeframe.

  • Don't try to time the market. For long-term investments, develop the philosophy of "buy and hold."

  • Set up an automatic investment program and enjoy two major benefits. First, you won't have to make a conscious decision to invest, and second, you take advantage of dollar cost averaging, which means that your monthly fixed dollar investment purchases more shares when fund share prices are low.

  • Learn how each of your investments works with each other.

  • Don't follow the herd. Resist buying an investment because everyone is talking about its stunning rise. Its next move may be downward.

  • Try to keep investment expenses down and don't ignore the tax consequences of your investments.

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