Vista Life™ Indexed Universal Life
Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Simplified.

Mutual Trust’s premier Indexed Universal Life (IUL) solution, Vista Life IUL, provides a flexible death benefit with adjustable premiums and the potential for cash value accumulation. Whether planning for retirement, education funding, family protection, wealth transfer, or business continuation, here is what you can expect from your Vista Life IUL policy:

  • Account flexibility: Choose between one Fixed Account and three Index Accounts to suit your needs. Policyowners have the freedom to change how funds are allocated within the accounts over time.

  • Access to money: Via partial withdrawals, traditional loans, and participating loans (which allows you to keep earning interest through the interest rate tied to the Index Accounts).

  • Flexible premiums: Make premium payments through a range of possibilities, from choosing a planned premium to suit financial needs, paying the minimum premium to maintain coverage, or paying extra to boost long term accumulation.

Enjoy stock market performance with limited risk:

With Vista Life IUL, your premium payments are allocated to either a Fixed Account or an Index Account, or a percentage of each based on your preferences. The Fixed Account earns interest at a set rate and is guaranteed never to be less than 2%. While the Index Account earns interest at a rate that is tied to market performance, premiums are not invested directly in the market. Instead, Indexes are used to determine your interest rate up to a participation rate and cap. Regardless of market performance, the minimum rate credited to all Index Accounts is 0%, helping to protect you from market downturns.

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Base Policy Form No. 45AD, or state variation.

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