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There are numerous reasons for businesses to offer life insurance as part of their employee compensation package. Primarily, it's purchased in the business world for the same reason all life insurance is bought, to offset the economic loss associated with the death of an individual.

In addition to offering group life insurance to employees, businesses often design special benefit and compensation packages to attract and retain key employees. (A key employee is someone whose services constitute a substantial asset to the company and whose loss of services would result in substantial costs to replace.) Companies also sometimes set up buy-sell agreements to protect the financial health of the business should a key shareholder die.

How whole life insurance can help YOUR business

Case Studies: In the case studies that follow, you’ll see examples of how other business owners have used whole life insurance to manage risk and meet their business goals. Please click on the images below to learn more.

Personal Whole Life

Buy-Sell Agreement

Key Person Whole Life

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