Why Choose a Mutual Company?

Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company is a mutual organization, which means we exist for our policyholders. In fact, our first priority is their fiscal responsibility. As a mutual organization, we are not publicly held and do not have shareholders. So instead of making financial decisions that produce short-term gains, we can make decisions that position the organization for long-term growth and have a positive effect on the financial security of our real owners, our policyholders. Below are three benefits our policyholders enjoy because of our mutuality:

1. Taking a Long-term Investment Strategy
One major difference between a publicly held stock company and Mutual Trust is priorities. Since we are not publicly traded, our policyholders rather than shareholders share in our ownership. Our first priority, therefore, is to fulfill our obligations to our policyholders and make decisions that will positively affect their financial security for the long-term, 20, 30 or more years into the future. In order to ensure we'l be able to keep the promises we make to our policyholders today and in the future, we have always implemented a conservative investment philosophy. As a result, Mutual Trust has built a strong financial foundation that provides strength and stability, even during challenging economic times like those we face today.

2. Dividends, Passing on a Portion of Earnings to Policyholders
Although dividends are not guaranteed nor required by law, Mutual Trust, like many other mutual companies, passes on a portion of its earnings once a year to policyholders of participating whole life policies by distributing dividends. Technically, a policy dividend is a share of the insurance company's earnings after it has set aside the funds required to cover its contractual obligations and operating, contingency and business expenses. Paying dividends is a way we share part of our favorable results with policyholders, and Mutual Trust has a distinguished record of paying dividends.

3. Providing Value to Our Policyholders is Our First Priority
A core goal of Mutual Trust is providing superior value to our policyholders. As a result, we track and compare the performance of our policies, including our dividends, to other insurance companies. Study results show that Mutual Trust is meeting its objective of providing superior value to its policyholders, our first priority.

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